• About The Ac1.1 Alpha For Mac

    About The Ac1.1 Alpha For Mac

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    About The Ac1.1 Alpha For MacAbout The Ac1.1 Alpha For Mac

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    Blender physics simulation. Thank you, Phong, for this great engine. First I'm using bullet physics to try to simulate the physics into the future and predict what is going to happen before actually rendering it, I used the offlineSimPrediction example in the demos and the prediction works well, but I have a problem in the unity transform component. Try setting these to pos = 0,0,0, rot = 0,0,0 scale = 1,1,1. The problem may be with the scale and rotation that Unity adds to Game Objects when they are imported.

    March 2013 newsletter mvc9 for mac os x

    Now Apple users can rest at ease, as FL Studio for Mac has just entered its alpha phase. The popular production program is testing for an OS X interface, but obviously has a few weak links in the sound design chain. There’s currently no component for – that is, outside plugins such as Massive and Sylenth – along with the absence of MIDI input and output. Regardless, Mac users should rejoice as Image Line has finally made good on their long-awaited promise.

    You can view all its current features, and register to download the FL Studio alpha. Image Source.

    About The Ac1.1 Alpha For Mac